2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Through the launch of its QuickFoto Claim, Allstate has transformed the auto claims reporting and settlement process by moving from physical field inspection to digital customer self-service image submission. The company is the first major insurer to offer end-to-end digital claim handling -- from submission to payment -- and is currently the only insurer offering virtual inspection as the primary method of inspection for drivable auto claims. Since launching across the U.S. in June, 2017, QuickFoto Claim has become Allstate's preferred method of inspection and the company is continuing to increase usage and improve this method of inspection to provide a faster, more seamless claims experience for its customers. QuickFoto Claim has transformed Allstate's business results as the average customer wait time decreased from an average of five days to just 12 hours on average when using QuickFoto Claim. In addition, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the speed and ease of the process.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Suren Gupta, Executive Vice President Technology and Strategic Ventures
Northbrook, Ill.
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