2018 Winner Profile

Applied Materials, Inc.

Project Description:
Applied Materials, a manufacturer of complex material used to produce semiconductors and flat panel displays, has deployed smart glasses with augmented reality to enable technical experts to remotely assist with issue resolution, handle audits and train staff. Many times, no single expert can support technicians working on a new pilot manufacturing process, as many design engineers can be involved in a product launch. Applied Materials' smart glass solution lets one expert add other experts to assist as required. The experts can collaborate in real-time to arrive at a solution while seeing video streamed from the technician's smart glasses. The proposed solutions can be tested during the collaboration for real-time feedback. Without the level of collaboration enabled by the smart glasses, this type of trouble shooting could take days to resolve. Applied Materials estimates it will save thousands of uptime hours and millions in travel expenditures per year by giving experts the tools to support technicians remotely.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Jay Kerley, Group Vice President and CIO
Gary Dickerson, President and CEO
Santa Clara, Calif.
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