2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
To achieve its goal of transforming into a data-enabled business, Asurion developed ATLAS, a next-generation data architecture and analytics platform. ATLAS is the foundation for analyzing customer data to gather insights and deliver a hyper-personalized ongoing tech experience to help customers learn and grow with their technology. The platform also enables Asurion to develop global products and services more quickly, while adhering to the strict data privacy laws of multiple governments worldwide. It does this by capturing, curating and managing all required business data; unlocking access to information across the enterprise businesses as required; and ensuring that all security, contract and compliance requirements are maintained across the organization. Built on Amazon Web Services, ATLAS leverages data ingestion, quality, cataloging, encryption and analytic technologies to meet present and future security, business and scalability requirements. ATLAS allows Asurion to eliminate the expensive, time-consuming process of engineering archival solutions at each of the source systems, saving millions of dollars in software and development costs.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Barry Vandevier, COO
Tony Detter, CEO
Nashville, Tenn.
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