2018 Winner Profile

Beachbody, LLC

Project Description:
Following a period of rapid growth, Beachbody found itself with multiple ERP, content management and commerce systems that delivered subpar customer experiences, limited mobile capabilities, and lacked support for advanced analytics. This hindered Beachbody's ability to convert from an infomercial-driven, physical media (DVD) consumption model to an on-demand content streaming subscription platform. So the company embarked on a significant transformation program that involved concurrently revamping the business as well as overhauling its technology platform overhaul. What the company delivered was a world-class experience aligning its technology across all channels to drive products to market faster. Beachbody was also able to flexibly leverage its data and systems to tailor offers, improve greater customer satisfaction and retention in addition to scaling the business internationally. The new system increased conversion and revenue per order and reduced call volume and handle time for customer service agents.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience, Strategic Impact
Bryan Muehlberger, CIO
Carl Daikler, CEO
Santa Monica, Calif.
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
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