2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Bechtel is using robotic process automation (RPA) "bots" to bridge the gaps between systems in core functions, including engineering, supply chain and project controls to indirectly improve the execution of construction projects. With RPA, the company is revolutionizing the way it thinks about and administers these processes by implementing software robots that can navigate across different IT systems to work the way humans do. This allows Bechtel to reduce costs, improve key business processes and increase employee satisfaction. The potential of RPA within the Bechtel enterprise is far-reaching as bots can be expanded into a virtual workforce to perform processes for users on an on-demand or scheduled basis. This improves the efficiency and accuracy of these processes and frees up employees to perform more complex, value-added work. The 17 bots the company initially placed into production in various areas of the organization will allow the company to deliver more than $1 million in savings over the next three years.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Carol Zierhoffer, Senior Vice President and CIO
Brendan Bechtel, CEO
Reston, Va.
Mining, Oil or Gas
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