2018 Winner Profile

CA Technologies

Project Description:
CA Technologies is transforming from a traditional B2B enterprise software company to a digital, business to individual (B2I) software company. The core of this transformation is insights about individuals (customers) in account and prospect organizations who influence or make buying decisions. This initiative allowed CA to adopt a highly targeted account-based marketing approach, and it was the catalyst for changing the way sales plays and marketing campaigns are run. With expanded contact intelligence, sales teams now have more information about contacts than they previously had so they can reach the right business decision-makers and drive more meaningful interactions to ultimately close deals. Marketing campaigns are now able to reach 95 percent of the targeted customers, as opposed to approximately 50 percent before the customer insight capability was deployed. As a result, within the first three months of implementation this initiative enabled greater than $25 million of new sales pipeline, with an ROI of approximately 800 percent and a payback period of less than a year.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Other
Paul Pronsati, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and IT
Mike Gregoire, CEO
New York, N.Y.
Computer Software
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