2018 Winner Profile

Caesars Entertainment

Project Description:
Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas, in partnership with TIBA Parking Systems, converted 68 lanes in seven off-street parking facilities to a paid parking environment, offering an enhanced parking experience to local residents, transient parkers and Caesars' guests. Caesars Entertainment now owns the first parking system with a true two-way hotel management with a Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) for single guestroom-key access in Las Vegas. The system pairs each license plate to the guest database so guests no longer have to present their room keys for access. Nearly 40,000 self-parking vehicles and 2,500 valet vehicles are processed each day through PARCS. Caesars Entertainment now manages 68 lanes of parking equipment with just four or five staff members in a centralized command center. The self-parking structure consistently exceeds the industry average by maintaining an uptime of 99 percent. Because of the program, Caesars realized a multimillion-dollar gain in less than a year.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience, Financial Impact, Other
Les Ottolenghi, Executive Vice President and CIO
Mark Frissora, Caesars Entertainment Corporation CEO
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure
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