2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Cargill has put the power of digitalization and analytics at the fingertips of shrimp farmers though iQ-Shrimp, a new offering driven by iQuatic, the company's mobile data-tracking app and live operations dashboard designed to bring a new level of accuracy and precision to aquatic farming operations. The iQ-Shrimp app captures data from shrimp ponds through mobile devices, sensors and automated feeders to record data about shrimp size, water quality, feeding patterns and health and weather conditions. Farmers save data from the app to the cloud, then access a live operations dashboard that visualizes pond performance -- providing key measures and predictive analytics that help them better manage shrimp health and increase yields. The project started in Ecuador in March 2017, and today iQShrimp is also available for producers in Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, New Caledonia, Southeast Asia and India, and will expand to other geographies in the coming months.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Justin Kershaw, Corporate Vice President and CIO
Dave MacLennan, CEO
Hopkins, Minn.
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