2018 Winner Profile

City of Virginia Beach Information Technology Department

Project Description:
StormSenseVB is part of the larger StormSense project, a regional collaboration that includes the City of Virginia Beach as a key stakeholder. StormSenseVB was initiated to address the growing problem of adverse weather and rising sea levels that impact cities in the Hampton Roads region. Smart internet of things (IoT) sensors have been strategically installed in specific locations to collect and aggregate water level data in the cloud. Through the application of hydrodynamic modeling and data science, city officials have created historic, current and future analysis; decision support platforms to enhance real-time predictions; and raised citizen awareness. StormSenseVB has enabled officials to make better predictions and more informed decisions during hurricanes, nor'easters and other weather events, while eliminating the need to physically retrieve data from sensors. City officials will also use the data to perform further analysis for a custom-tailored approach to assessing neighborhood-level flood risk and developing effective mitigation techniques.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Peter Wallace, CIO
Dave Hansen, City Manager
Virginia Beach, Va.
Government: State or Local (including Law Enforcement)
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