2018 Winner Profile

Dine Brands Global

Project Description:
In the restaurant industry, guests expect seamless and engaging technology experiences across multiple channels to be part of their experience. Dine Brands Global's two brands, IHOP and Applebee's had to meet this demand to remain the leaders in their categories. The company's project was designed to provide guests increased ordering options while minimizing the impact on operations and in-restaurant experiences. Working collaboratively with Google and the head unit of General Motors and Chevy, the company provided a new and dynamic way for guests to place orders for delivery and pickup from their homes via Google Assistant or directly from their cars through the GM head unit. Additionally, the system collects guest data on ordering and consumption that allows Dine Brands Global to have more personalized relationships with its guests, providing the ability to identify guests and effectively engage them on their terms and via their desired mediums. The initiative also enables improved ordering and payment experiences.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact, Operational Impact, Strategic Impact
Adrian Butler, Senior Vice President, IT and CIO
Steve Joyce, CEO
Glendale, Calif.
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure
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