2018 Winner Profile

EURPAC Service, Incorporated

Project Description:
EURPAC Service Inc. provides marketing, distribution, and retail services for 600 manufacturers of consumer products. The employee-owners of the organization share three goals: create and leverage strategic competitive advantage; grow employees' shareholder value; and generate free cash flow. Through Project Prophecy, a predictive analytics tool, the employees worked together to envision, design and implement a game-changing approach that contributes substantially to all three of their shared goals. By fusing disparate data sources using new techniques, the visionaries and architects who built and operate Prophecy enabled the company to give its client manufacturers unmatched depth, granularity and accuracy in demand forecasting. Because of the Prophecy project, the ability of the product managers to forecast future demand -- product by product -- is the organization's greatest competitive edge in the market of consumer product production and sales. In addition, Prophecy was instrumental in making 2017 EURPAC's best year ever for return, profit and cash flow -- and the 2018 forecast is even better.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Mike Skinner, Executive Vice President and CIO
Jed Becker, Chairman of the Board and CEO
Norwalk, Conn.
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
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