2018 Winner Profile

Farmers Insurance®

Project Description:
In the insurance industry, building a team of highly effective insurance claims adjusters is critical to the efficiency of the enterprise, as is ensuring that the team is prepared to deliver on the brand promises to customers. Creating that team requires a wealth of knowledge and ongoing training. By leveraging the immersive possibilities created by the newest generation of virtual reality (VR) technology, coupled with user-friendly VR equipment, Farmers Insurance is creating virtual reality training systems that educate as well as engage employees. The result is a more efficient and confident claims team that can provide customers with high-quality customer service. The game-like format of the training also simulates customer and agent interactions related to a claim. Launched in March 2017, the Farmers Claims Virtual Reality Training program represents a first of its kind within the insurance industry. The immersive and adaptive VR-based training environment offers numerous benefits over traditional training for insurance claims adjusters.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Ron Guerrier, CIO
Jeff Dailey, CEO
Woodland Hills, Calif.
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