2018 Winner Profile

FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.

Project Description:
Project AutoM8 is a form of artificial intelligence known as robotic process automation. This software robot has an agile and configurable ability to "learn" and "assist" with the data transfer and validation process. It transfers thousands mismatched or orphaned files data packages among different entities. This project has been a cross-departmental collaboration with the benefits administration department. The software robot is doing the work of several people in that department from processing changes in status for insurance benefits claims and simple receptive tasks daily, weekly and monthly. This innovation is a significant departure from traditional electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions in that it does not need to rely on standard business rules of programming that have to be periodically re-programmed. The advantage of FBMC's approach is that it gives customers transformable software as the software is self-correcting and requires little re-programming. As such, AutoM8 improves the quality, accuracy and security of its customers' confidential data.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Sajed Khan, CIO
David Faulkenberry, President
Tallahassee, Fla.
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