2018 Winner Profile

Fleet Advantage

Project Description:
Like every other industry today, the transportation sector relies on a multitude of new technology to do more with less, increase efficiencies and cut costs out of their operations. In response to this, Fleet Advantage, a provider of business intelligence and analytics for transportation companies, has developed Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software (ATLAAS), the company's innovative data analytics software. ATLAAS is a one-stop resource that enables fleet executives to manage their entire fleet operations with a few keystrokes. It also allows them to identify the truck's tipping point -- the point at which it costs more to operate an existing truck compared with replacing it with newer, more efficient equipment. ATLAAS now has over five billion miles of data as part of the company's tracking and analysis -- one of the main reasons why Fleet Advantage is now servicing 25 of the top 100 truck fleets in the country.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
James Griffin, COO and CTO
John Flynn, CEO
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
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