2018 Winner Profile

General Motors

Project Description:
Maxis, short for maximizing insights, is an internal General Motors data-as-a-service offering that puts all relevant internal, vehicle and third-party data at the fingertips of employees around the world. With intuitive navigation and search engine-like capability, employees can easily type business questions to navigate to existing insights or interactively mine data looking to create new ones. Enterprise-wide access to accurate and timely data opens new opportunities to optimize costs, make more informed decisions and move faster than the competition. Championed and used by GM's top leadership, Maxis harnesses the full potential of data to transform the business quickly, creating revenue and efficiency opportunities that bolster bottom line results. Maxis accelerated GM's improved business results in 2017, a record year for the company. GM believes the value of Maxis-driven business benefit to the company was in excess of $100 million in 2017.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Randy Mott, Senior Vice President and CIO
Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO
Detroit, Mich.
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