2018 Winner Profile

Idaho National Laboratory

Project Description:
Idaho National Laboratory (INL) occupies over 600 buildings across 890 square miles. The world benefits from innovations in renewable and sustainable energy solutions developed at INL. Due to INL's expansive footprint and the number and age of structures where research is conducted, wireless access has been sparse until now. This project extended wireless across INL based on research outcome priority, i.e., the buildings producing high priority outcomes received wireless access first. This approach optimized available funding to ensure researchers involved in groundbreaking scientific discoveries possessed the necessary capabilities to bring energy solutions to the nation and the world. As a direct result of this approach the number of people using wireless access has increased 10-fold since before the project began. This is largely because of the availability, speed and reliability of the technology designed and implemented by the project team.
Business Goal:
Robert Hillier, CIO
Mark Peters, Laboratory Director, PhD
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Government, Federal (including Military)
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