2018 Winner Profile

International Organization of Migration (IOM)

Project Description:
Information plays an essential role in a migrant's decision-making process. Irregular and unsafe migration is often the result of a lack of awareness about the risks involved and a lack of knowledge about legal migration processes. The International Organization of Migration (IOM), the United Nations' migration agency, has partnered with enterprise mobility and digital applications company Kony to deliver a mobile app that provides information and humanitarian services to migrants and government agencies. The IOM MigApp enables migrants to take charge of their own journeys by reducing their dependency on unauthorized entities and processes that can be detrimental to their success. With the app, the migrants can find the most cost-effective ways to send money home as well as have access to notification services providing alerts on emergencies, healthcare information and other important local information, for instance. Anonymized migrant data from the MigApp will facilitate the analysis of migration patterns that can feed into future migration-related programming.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Bernardo Mariano, CIO
William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General
Geneva, Grand-Saconnex
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