2018 Winner Profile

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project Description:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory employees (JPLers) need to solve complex and challenging problems that require accessing disparate data from many sources. A simpler process can lead to breakthrough solutions in space. The newly created Intelligent Digital Assistants enable JPLers to use natural interfaces, including speech, typing, touching and gesturing, to search, filter and summarize petabytes of information in an intuitive way in seconds. Uses range from AI discovering spacecraft anomalies to people finding available conference rooms by speaking to Alexa or typing to a chatbot. They can also have natural conversations with Alexa about the details of over 100,000 subcontracts, proposals, manuals, and much more. By having simple conversations with complex IT systems, JPLers are getting results faster from questions they didn't know that they could ask. These benefits will grow as the data grows and the digital assistants become even more intelligent and help the humans to search for answers to the big questions about life in space.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience, Operational Impact, Strategic Impact
James Rinaldi, Director for IT and CIO
Michael Watkins, Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Vice President, California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, Calif.
Government, Federal (including Military)
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