2018 Winner Profile

Kansas City Southern

Project Description:
Kansas City Southern Railway Co. (KCS) has co-developed and deployed Mexico Crew Call, a new cloud-based, automated crew management solution, for freight rail company Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM). The workforce and logistics management solution transforms the way KCSM operates by automating tasks and providing real-time data to more effectively manage the business. The solution automates train crew supply and demand matching based on a variety of factors, including employee qualifications, hours of service constraints, employee availability and seniority. The system automates the process of scheduling crews to trains while adhering to crew pool order, union rules and labor laws. It also automates crew work notification processes and calculates complex payroll activities. This leads to an improved work experience for crews, a reduction in labor costs and a stricter adherence to Mexico labor laws. Through improved data capture, automation, management dashboard and analytics the team is saving slightly over $1 million a year.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact, Operational Impact, Other
Mike Naatz, Senior Vice President, CIO and Planning
Patrick J. Ottensmeyer, President & CEO
Kansas City, Missouri
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