2018 Winner Profile

KLX Energy Services

Project Description:
KLX Energy undertakes oil and energy jobs for its clients with an estimated annual revenue of $400 million -- $100 million of the revenue is attributed to the fishing services product line. This product line has had issues with inaccurate client invoicing, resulting in KLX losing about $5 million in revenue annually. To improve client invoicing, KLX developed the Virtual Tally Book enterprise system that digitizes the age old analog tally book that had been in use in the oil and energy services sector. The Virtual Tally Book app has enabled KLX Energy to accurately and efficiently capture and track the usage of assets, resources, and labor for each client job, thus helping plug this $5 million revenue leak. The data collected from the field technicians on client jobs helps generate trends, insights, and analytics around assets and resources usage. The Virtual Tally Book app has improved customer engagement by enabling the onsite field technicians to provide accurate job summaries and status to clients at the click of a button.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience, Financial Impact, Operational Impact
Biren Kumar, Vice President IT and CIO
Gary Roberts, Executive VP and CEO
Houston, Texas
Mining, Oil or Gas
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