2018 Winner Profile

LanguageLine Solutions

Project Description:
LanguageLine needed an enhanced platform to meet the surging demand for interpreter services. The company also needed to replace a costly legacy system that was approaching end of life, was unable to scale and prohibited growth and innovation. So LanguageLine launched the Olympus platform to solve these problems. Olympus gives deaf and hard-of-hearing users as well as users with limited English proficiency the power to communicate clearly and quickly across formerly insurmountable language barriers by connecting them to one of the company's 9,000 professional linguists in mere seconds. Once they're able to be understood, these individuals can more fully access health care, social services, financial services, insurance, and retail, among others. VoIP technology and intelligent call routing provide consistent connections to qualified interpreters in over 240 languages. The transformation has vastly improved the service delivery of LanguageLine's over-the-phone solutions, while also extending offerings to include real-time text, chat and video modalities.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Jeff Cordell, CIO
Scott Klein, President and CEO
Monterey, Calif.
Business or Management Services (including Consulting)
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