2018 Winner Profile

Lear Corporation

Project Description:
Lear Corp. began work on LPS, its proprietary production system, in 2005 with a vision of having one, standard manufacturing execution system (MES) to support all of its just-in-time (JIT) facilities with traceability and error-proofing tools. By 2015, LPS was implemented within every JIT facility. Given the success of the project, Lear decided to extend LPS into all business units, including structures, foam, trim, electrical and wiring production processes. LPS controls all the activities on the shop floor, providing complete data collection, traceability and error-proofing functionalities, all in real-time. This information is used by manufacturing decision-makers to help understand current plant floor conditions as well as what areas can be optimized to improve production. Prior to LPS, Lear had to combine the capabilities of multiple purchased systems, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per plant annually. The efficiency of LPS brings a competitive advantage to all Lear business units.
Business Goal:
Competitive advantage
Bonnie K. Smith, Vice President and CIO
Matthew Simoncini, President and CEO
Southfield, Mich.
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