2018 Winner Profile

McDermott International Inc.

Project Description:
Gemini XD is a live and real-time 3D twin of the oil and gas subsea offshore platform that McDermott International Inc. built for its customers. McDermott leverages the same technology for its internal operations. Gemini XD, a flagship technology product of McDermott Digital Solutions, allows McDermott to extend the value chain from being a product-only company to a product and services organization. Gemini XD provides a strategic differentiation in the current core offerings that McDermott provides for its customers in the subsea offshore oil and gas industry. The product has also launched McDermott in the new market of operations and maintenance, opening up a new revenue stream for the company. This product has also changed the way McDermott operates as a business and how the company engages with its employees, its partner network with global contractors and vendors, as well as how it interacts with its customers. As a result of this initiative, McDermott has realized benefits across engineering (10 percent productivity savings due to global collaboration), supply chain (contract savings from OEM product providers to be partners in the platform) and fabrication (real-time progress tracking has enabled 5 percent efficiency across the craft workforce).
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Financial Impact, Operational Impact
Akash Khurana, Vice President, CIO and CDO
David Dickson, President and CEO
Houston, Texas
Mining, Oil or Gas
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