2018 Winner Profile

The MITRE Corporation

Project Description:
Before launching Virtual Meeting Simplification, Mitre Corp. used myriad technologies for video teleconferencing. It previously took many employees up to 10 minutes to start their video teleconference meetings because of the cumbersome setup. It was so complicated that key administrative staff had to be trained on how to manage the process. Everyone else depended on these experts for help. Because of that the majority of meetings did not start on time. With 155,000 meeting room reservations in FY17 and 55.8 million minutes logged for teleconferencing, there was close to $1,000,000 in lost productivity. Now that Virtual Meeting Simplification has been implemented, it is so intuitive that employees can connect to their meetings in under 10 seconds. The new integration enables employees to interconnect shared services across disparate networks and provide unified communications to improve meeting and collaboration experiences. Implemented in 2017, the project saved the company nearly $1,000,000 in previously lost productivity, increased collaboration among geographically dispersed employees and partners and improved the user experience.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Joel Jacobs, Vice President, CIO and CSO
Jason Providakes, President and CEO
Bedford, Mass.
Government, Federal (including Military)
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