2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
As part of its digital transformation, Monsanto Co. has created a strategic partnership platform to innovate rapidly and drive change in collaboration with start-ups and industry leaders. The company believes this is the first effort in the agricultural industry to rapidly digitize and increase farm productivity globally by utilizing all facets of the business in partnership with other emerging leaders in innovation. Through its partnership platform, Monsanto maintains an annual pipeline of approximately 800 start-ups, 175 with active conversations, 40 with active test-and-learn experiments and 10 with licensing deals. Through these partnerships, Monsanto has leveraged external innovations across all internal functions, including R&D, supply chain, commercial, finance, sales and marketing and IT. For example, the company's partnership with an advanced Internet-of-Things partner led to enabling sensors with exact GPS, accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors in 500 of its trucks to enable tracking of 5,000 loads of corn with $1 million in savings.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
James Swanson, CIO
Hugh Grant, Chairman and CEO
St. Louis, Mo.
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