2018 Winner Profile

Office of Information Technology, Department of Veterans Affairs

Project Description:
In response to President Donald Trump's campaign promise to ensure that no veteran complaints fall through the cracks, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the White House created a hotline to modernize, improve and simplify the way veterans contact the VA. The hotline provides a single point of contact for veterans to interact with the VA and the White House, bringing together disparate intake systems and streamlining over 1,000 different phone numbers so that veterans have one place to go for all their inquiries. The 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year hotline is the first non-clinical, non-emergency, around-the-clock veteran call center, staffed primarily by veterans or employees who have veteran family members and understand their unique needs. Hotline agents answer inquiries and provide directory assistance; document concerns about VA care, benefits, and services; and expedite the referral and resolution of those concerns. In the first month of 24/7 operations, the hotline served more than 10,000 callers. The hotline also generates real-time reports to help VA experts make better-informed decisions about program improvements.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Scott Blackburn, Interim CIO and Executive in Charge
Washington, D.C.
Government, Federal (including Military)
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