2018 Winner Profile

Oral Roberts University

Project Description:
In 2014, Oral Roberts University (ORU) President Billy Wilson announced his vision of using technology to "reach the world" and create a global digital vision using new technology paradigms. Wilson challenged the information technology and global outreach offices to make it a reality. He allocated $8.5 million to establish a global learning center and develop new technology platforms to reach millions of people with ORU's award-winning curriculum, known as whole person education. The first shift in this challenge was to transform the university (not just a classroom) and create ORU's "OneCampus" Global Education Network. The Global Learning Center (GLC) opened on January 11, 2017 and reaches students from 101 countries. The GLC was designed to improve recruitment, retention, grades, and job placement. The GLCis host to a $1.2 million enterprise-wide augmented and virtual reality infrastructure that has over 500,000 new learning environments for all six colleges within the university. Since the opening of the GLC and the use of the same technologies across the campus and around the world for all remote students, ORU has set national best ratings in all areas.
Business Goal:
Michael Mathews, CIO and Assistant Vice President for Technology and Innovation
William Wilson, President
Tulsa, Okla.
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