2018 Winner Profile

Owens Corning

Project Description:
To make a difference for customers as well as win their loyalty and business, Owens Corning launched the real-time Customer 360 platform. Customer 360 combines multiple platforms, technologies and tools into a real-time, one-stop, mobile-enabled platform that employees can access to get a 360-degree view of the important aspects of the company's relationships with its customers. For example, when customers need technology consulting/support in their operations regarding the performance of one of Owens Cornings' products, the technical staff can view livestream video of the problem via the app; whiteboard virtual solutions; capture video session and photos and post them to the Customer 360 platform. Then the next time Owens Corning's executive team visits those customers they can quantify hours spent on value-added support, better understand the issues, examine margin and sales progress, see product defect claims and understand the strategy of the sales team for the customer, etc. Customer 360 enables Owen Corning's sales team to spend more time with customers to meet their needs.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Steven Zerby, Vice President and Global CIO
Michael Thaman, Chairman and CEO
Toledo, Ohio
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