2018 Winner Profile

Penn Medicine

Project Description:
Penn Medicine is the first academic medical center in the United States to deploy an integrated electronic patient health record ("PennChart") across the ambulatory, inpatient and homecare/hospice settings. Providing clinicians and researchers with seamless access to common patient data across care settings has improved clinical decision-making, enriched patient engagement, elevated clinician satisfaction and enhanced the organization's operational efficiencies. PennChart integrates the electronic patient health record across ambulatory, inpatient and homecare/hospice settings, ensures all caregivers work together in an ever increasingly complex patient environment and engages patients to participate in their care. Additionally, PennChart has significantly improved the organization's ability to support data analytics, predictive analytics, patient safety and quality, information exchange and industry compliance initiatives. PennChart EMR Enhances patient care, providing teams with the right data, delivered to the right caregiver and/or team, in the correct location and at the right time. Penn Medicine's digital transformation further enables world-class patient care and cutting-edge research throughout the organization.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Michael Restuccia, Senior Vice President and CIO
Ralph Muller, CEO
Philadelphia, Penn.
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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