2018 Winner Profile

Ports America

Project Description:
Ports America's Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) undertook an ambitious digital pilot project that implemented Mi-Jack Products differential global positioning system (DGPS) tools to track its container-handling fleet with real-time tracking and positioning capability. An operational data mart was created to integrate real-time internet-of-things (loT) data with the terminal operating system and maintenance and repair data for equipment usage and maintenance planning. A partnership with one of the top business schools in the country enabled Ports America to utilize "crowdsourcing" to tackle the big data/analytics problems. The DGPS project went live in Q4 2017, and the DGPS Analytics Program launched shortly thereafter. Customers now benefit from uniquely designed service offerings that are spearheading change in the terminal operator industry. Operational cycle-time efficiencies have increased because cargo handling equipment doesn't have to travel as far, resulting in travel distance savings of 18 percent per year. Financial benefits of DGPS include reduced maintenance expenses resulting from decreases in equipment down time due to less wear and tear on key pieces of equipment and fuel savings.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience, Operational Impact
Tianbing Qian, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Information Officer
Michael Hassing, President and CEO
Jersey City, N.J.
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