2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
As Raytheon continues to grow globally, its need to ensure compliance with the export/import requirements of global trade is also increasing. To drive export/import excellence, Raytheon established a four-pillar approach focused on eliminating the recurrence of past violations, reducing the risk of future violations and improving the overall efficiency of the global trade function. One critical component of that approach, the company's "Global Trade automation system of systems" enabled a 97 percent decrease in discrete violations from 2014 to 2017. Raytheon's Global Trade automation project/initiative is an integrated system of systems that leverages both commercial-off-the-shelf and custom capabilities to enable Raytheon export/import compliance and global growth. The Global Trade integrated system of systems provides end-to-end visibility, management and monitoring and the transfer of assets, services and expertise between countries. The new system and automated processes support critical export/import requirements and controls, improving efficiencies, reducing risk to compliance and improving Raytheon's competitive advantage. This approach has enabled Raytheon to realize true business value from one of the most robust and flexible authorization management systems in the industry.
Business Goal:
Regulatory Compliance
Kevin Neifert, CIO
Tom Kennedy, Raytheon Chairman and CEO
Waltham, Mass.
Aerospace or Defense Contractor
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