2018 Winner Profile

Rice University

Project Description:
The devastation of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 made it extremely difficult for Rice University officials to gain real-time intelligence about how the storm affected the university community. Rather than relying on broad policies and general information, Rice's IT organization collaborated with faculty to adopt a population research approach to the problem. IT officials and faculty developed a series of questionnaires and analytical tools to provide the university's administration with real-time information and analysis about the welfare of students, faculty and staff. The analytical tools were used to generate reports that were provided to administrators to aid in real-time operational decision-making and assess the readiness of the university's employees to re-open Rice for classes. The information that was gathered and analyzed in real time allowed Rice to develop targeted policies and programs for specific employees and determine the costs associated with those programs ahead of time. The analytical and data gathering tools informed policies, actions and communication campaigns that positioned Rice above its peers and allowed Rice to be seen as a leader in the community.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Klara Jelinkova, Vice President for Technology and International Operations and CIO
David Leebron, President
Houston, Texas
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