2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Sabesp has developed a high-performance, resilient and smart digital platform to support the Industrial internet of things (IoT) and robotics to enable the water utility company to operate more efficiently. The project was designed to guarantee Sabesp's business resilience, providing an agile, flexible, dynamic and secure IT environment capable of absorbing and processing the large amount of data generated by monitored IoT devices as well as secure that data. Because of the large volume of data coming from the monitored devices and corporate systems, Sabesp added a big data and data warehouse solution, incorporating predictive and prescriptive analytical models that aided in strategic decision-making and process automation. The company also adopted advanced digital security solutions to protect its datacenter and the data. The main benefits of the project, which started in 2016 and was completed in December 2017, included reducing the rate of loss of treated water, either by leakage or fraud in the connection with the water meters; reducing unplanned downtime; the ability to predict potential pipe failures; and increased operational efficiency.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Osvaldo Antonio Pazianotto, CIO
Jerson Kelman, CEO
São Paulo, São Paulo
Utilities (Oil, Water, Gas, Electric)
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