2018 Winner Profile

Samsung Electronics Germany

Project Description:
Samsung Electronics (SEC) Germany was faced with stagnated growth in the consumer electronics market. Until 2016, SEC did not have a tool sophisticated enough to provide sufficient analysis. Businesses had entrusted sales forecasting to employees who based forecasts on personal experience and intuition. Any objective data that did exist was limited to historic sales data that provided little insight to consumer trends or how sales would respond to promotions. To overcome this, the company partnered with Samsung SDS to develop a sales strategy optimized to Germany's diversified distribution structure. By leveraging Samsung SDS' AI-based predictive modeling, SEC was the first in the industry to implement point of sales-level data-driven sell-out forecasting system. The implementation of this model minimized stock allocation imbalance and enabled the company to operate more efficiently by integrating front-office marketing promotions and sales strategies. In the past, key account managers had to forecast sales by grouping several stores together per region. This method took more than a day. However, with the sell-out forecasting system, near real-time (10 minutes) sales forecasting became possible.
Business Goal:
Supply Chain Impact
Jeongjin Park, Vice President
Simon Sung, Vice President
Schwalbach am Taunus, Hessen
Retail, Wholesale or Distribution
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