2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
To improve the efficiency of its clinical development organization as well as improve visibility into the progress of its global trials, biopharmaceutical company Sanofi developed MAESTRO, an agile clinical data warehouse. MAESTRO is used to mitigate risks, enhance collaborative work, meet regulatory requirements as well as maximize return on investment for Sanofi. Designed to scale, the MAESTRO solution is able to address the challenges of clinical trials by helping to ensure that the appropriate clinical data is available as needed for the development of innovative, life-changing prescription drugs, vaccines and over-the-counter healthcare products. MAESTRO has allowed Sanofi to increase the number of studies manageable in the system from 40 to more than 200 and enabled the company to save money by not relying on external partners to conduct these studies. Additionally, MAESTRO has enabled Sanofi to reduce the average time to refresh a study from more than 30 minutes to under 10 minutes, allowing a researcher or doctor to be able to manage more studies.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Remi Le Goas, Head of IT Strategy, Performance & Change
Olivier Brandicourt, CEO
Paris, France
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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