2018 Winner Profile

Sealed Air Corporation

Project Description:
Before embarking on its digital journey, Sealed Air was a manufacturing company focused on equipment and material sales. Traditionally, Sealed Air products targeted the packaging lines and operation of food processing facilities. Now, the company is re-imagining the business by creating digitally-enabled, knowledge-based services to demonstrate how it can create even more value for customers, reduce waste and improve the bottom line. Sealed Air's CogniPRO initiative allows the company and its customers to better measure, analyze and improve complex processes. CogniPRO Focus, the automated approach to auditing manual meat processing, is a great example of this. The CogniPRO Focus system can capture digital imagery of poultry in a food processing plant and performs analysis against a specification to alert poultry line workers to their poultry-carving success rate in real-time. Previously, line supervisors conducted manual audits that required corrective action training days later, losing days of valuable yield and costing time and money for off-line training. With real-time, visual analysis of the trimming, immediate and consistent improvement in yield can be achieved. CogniPro Focus customers have recouped their initial investments in less than one year and realized a 4:1 return on their monthly service fees.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Marc Hamer, Corporate Vice President, Global CIO & Chief Digital Officer
Ted Doheny, President & CEO
Charlotte, N.C.
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