2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
As part of Shell's real estate consolidation efforts in Houston, Bangalore and Rijsvijk in the Netherlands, the company was presented with an opportunity to upgrade the design of its Regional Operations Centers (ROC). The ROC provides dedicated teams with cross-functional skills around the globe that work together to proactively monitor IT infrastructure and resolve issues for the Shell group businesses. So the teams designed and built new facilities for each location that included significant innovations to enable more efficient and effective operations. This included adding touch screen video walls, incorporating voice control systems and other AV-related systems. The project began in March of 2017 with the Rijsvijk location and ended in November 2017 with the Houston location. Now teams working within the command centers are able to detect anomalies more quickly, collaborate in real time to address and resolve issues more rapidly, work in agile sprints to refine processes more expediently, automate formerly manual tasks and address new operational issues more efficiently.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience, Operational Impact
Harry De Grijs, Vice President and CIO Services & Operations
Ben van Beurden, CEO
Houston, Texas
Mining, Oil or Gas
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