2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
To leverage the innovative potential of IT in the area of digitalization, Siemens AG formed small focused teams beyond organizational boundaries of business and IT with expertise in different areas. The company's goal was to combine existing and proven technologies, methodologies and applications to automate manual work. Instead of having employees working like robots, Siemens is implementing robots that can work like employees. However, the aim of Siemen's robotic process automation (RPA) initiative wasn't to replace its human workforce but rather to enable them to work more efficiently as well as to drive digitalization. Using big data analytics and further optimization methodologies, Siemens identified processes that could be simplified, digitalized and bundled. The pilot started in October 2016 and the first robot went live in December 2016. All-in-all the RPA implementation hasn't caused any employees to lose their jobs, but it has resulted in an increase in productivity among workers. The entire initiative is not only leveraging an enormous productivity potential but also changing the culture within Siemens towards a digital mindset."
Business Goal:
Financial Impact, Security & Risk Management, Strategic Impact
Helmuth Ludwig, Global Head of IT
Hannes Apitzsch, CEO of Global Services
Munich, Bavaria
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