2018 Winner Profile

Southland Industries

Project Description:
Southland Industries implemented graphics processing unit (GPU) virtualization to make virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to support resource-intensive 3-D and computer-aided design (CAD) applications for designers in field offices. To provide the performance required to transfer and process large graphical data files (6 terabytes), the company designed an architecture that is centralized yet still minimizes latency by having two dispersed data locations to support all geographies across the country. The two locations also support disaster recovery and failover requirements. Before implementing GPU-enhanced VDI, the company replicated large volumes of data in real-time to 15 different locations so that its designers would have immediate access to design models. Now, designers can work anywhere, anytime -- greatly improving collaboration and productivity. There is no longer a concern over poor network or VPN performance, and users no longer need to synchronize local files with the server, saving hours during their work week. GPU-enhanced VDI is easy to deploy and provides the performance designers demand for their graphic-intensive applications. The solution is scalable and makes a substantial positive contribution to the company's bottom line.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Linda Smart, CIO
Ted Lynch, CEO
Garden Grove, Calif.
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