2018 Winner Profile

SRF Limited

Project Description:
SRF Limited, an Indian manufacturing company that produces fluorochemicals, specialty chemicals, packaging films, technical textiles and engineering plastics, undertook an IoT pilot project at one of its packaging films plants to reduce quality degradation incidents that were impacting customer delivery, satisfaction and revenue margins. The company used IoT and scientific data analysis to establish a correlation between machine settings and quality issues and was able to improve overall quality by more than 10 percent, resulting in predictable quality, assured delivery and improved margins. The smart IoT solution has helped SRF Limited's management establish a real-time audit of critical machine assets. The payback ($43,000) of the pilot project (deployed across a single line) was realized in less than 15 months. Having successfully completed this pilot, SRF Limited began rolling out this solution across 13 packaging film plants. This project has helped the company gain the necessary confidence and ability to realize the huge potential to scale across the board at a minimal incremental cost but with exponential cost savings over the next three years.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Sayan Ray, Vice President Corporate IT
Prashant Mehra, President & CEO (Packaging Films Business, Coated Fabrics and Laminated Fabrics Business)
Gurgaon, Haryana
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