2018 Winner Profile

TGI Fridays

Project Description:
TGI Fridays has continued its focus on digital and technology innovation by extending its use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications to increase guest engagement, improve internal operations and enhance the capabilities of its restaurant team members. The company's goal is to deliver great experiences for its guests. In the spring of 2017, TGI Fridays began to explore opportunities to use AI in a more meaningful way across the business. Given the company's strategic priorities, the technology was aligned to engage its guests to drive revenue and loyalty; optimize operations to drive profitability; and support its people to enable them to create great guest experiences. Combined efforts have had a measurable and significant impact on TGI Fridays business results, including a twofold increase in its To-Go business, a 5 percent improvement in its store profitability and an over 20 percent reduction in team member turnover. AI is allowing TGI Fridays to create a real differentiation in the marketplace. In the first year of using AI, the company realized a sevenfold return on its investments.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Sherif Mityas, CIO
Aslam Khan, CEO
Dallas, Texas
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure
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