2018 Winner Profile

The New School

Project Description:
The IT vision of The New School is to improve how technological services are provided for teaching, learning and operations by understanding the characteristics of the current Generation Z students and how they adapt and use technology. In addition, the school aims to expand its technology ecosystem to further break down the barriers of traditional classrooms and labs by offering innovative teaching and learning tools anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The New School is also looking to leverage the cloud to facilitate collaboration, engagement, knowledge creation and operational transformation to enable immersive teaching and learning, as well as to expand and redraw conventional boundaries. These services have always been provided to the students in the same way generation after generation. The current generation entering the university are Millennials and Gen Zs and the way they interact and work with services are different than the way people interacted and worked with services 10 years ago. The New School also dramatically increased student success and engagement across all colleges by enabling them to access services and support anywhere and at anytime.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Anand Padmanabhan, Senior Vice President and CIO
David Van Zandt, President
New York, N.Y.
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