2018 Winner Profile

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA)

Project Description:
Toyota Motor North America's Mobile Sales Tool (MST) is a digital application that assists the dealership and customers through the buying and selling of vehicles. MST transforms buying a vehicle into a transparent, easy-to-understand experience as it leads the customer into finding the right vehicle, with the right features and finance options in seconds and minutes rather than hours. It combines the power of big data and disjointed services into one user-friendly shopping tool. The platform produces actionable analytics, which are used for dealership training and a personalized customer experience. The purpose of MST is to transform the four-hour to six-hour adversarial vehicle purchase process into one that is open, transparent and easy. It places the customer in the driver's seat. The customer can search a dealership's inventory, compare vehicles, learn about features as well as get true-pricing and incentives in record time. It allows the customer to quickly compare leading options (i.e., lease vs. retail) with full transparency on how the term of the loan and the down payment affects the life of a loan.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Zack Hicks, CIO
Jim Lentz, CEO
Plano, Texas
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