2018 Winner Profile

University of Colorado Health (UCHealth)

Project Description:
UCHealth's hospitals and clinics have been trusted healthcare destinations for generations of Coloradoans. And UCHealth's operating rooms and chemotherapy infusion centers are in high demand, sometimes resulting in extended hours or wait times for patients and providers. Previous rapid improvement events that focused on starting the first cases on time as well as on turnover times in the operating rooms did not significantly improve utilization in a substantive, sustainable manner. Leadership at UCHealth knew the volume would likely increase before new ORs could be built. Feeling a sense of urgency and pressure to increase OR utilization with a scalable approach, UCHealth worked with its partner LeanTaaS to improve operations in UCHealth's 10 infusion centers. The partnership with LeanTaaS included implementing Smart Performance Tracker modules throughout 25 inpatient and eight outpatient ORs. The process improvement focused on OR blocks, the amount of time requested or reserved by surgeons when patients needed to have surgery. The initial results were a 47 percent median increase in blocks released per month, 10 percent earlier block releases, 4 percent increase in OR utilization and $460,000 in estimated additional revenue per OR per year.
Business Goal:
Operational Impact
Steve Hess, CIO
Elizabeth B. Concordia, President and CEO
Aurora, Colo.
Healthcare (e.g. Medical Services, Pharmaceutical, Biotech)
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