2018 Winner Profile

United AIrlines

Project Description:
Most revenue management systems don't take into consideration passenger choices and willingness to pay when forecasting future demand. This often leads to inaccurate forecasts and lost revenue. United Airlines, a team of scientists, revenue management professionals and IT architects proposed to solve that problem and saw technology as the answer. To that end, the company launched Gemini, a new demand forecast engine for its revenue management system, utilizing the latest science in revenue management, i.e., conditional demand forecast based on fare levels and not booking classes. United was the first airline to implement this model. The new revenue management system is capturing all the conditions around the historic demand -- passenger type, lowest available fare when the booking was made, and full journey information -- to apply in the future demand forecast. This has led to an amazing improvement in United's forecast accuracy and is delivering substantial revenue benefits. This sustained increase in revenues will allow United to fund the future for its customers, employees and shareholders for the long haul.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Linda Jojo, Excutive Vice President, Technology and Chief Digital Officer
Oscar Munoz, CEO
Chicago, ill.
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