2018 Winner Profile

United Parcel Service

Project Description:
The UPS Chatbot My Choice Integration project extends the UPS My Choice experience that's already available on UPS.com and UPS Mobile, to conversational channels such as the text-based Skype and Facebook Messenger and the voice-based Amazon Alexa. The UPS Chatbot My Choice Integration project was focused on improving the customer experience of the company's chatbot by specifically designing an experience for authenticated users. The chatbot lets customers sign into their UPS My Choice accounts, and provides customized information about incoming and recently delivered packages, including package locations and delivery details -- all without a tracking number. The ability to track without a tracking number is crucial on Amazon Alexa, where it is cumbersome for customers to say an 18-digit number quickly enough for Alexa to understand. The UPS Chatbot My Choice integration enhances the UPS customer experience for a more streamlined and convenient interaction with UPS. The UPS Chatbot provides a more natural, intuitive, personalized and human-like interaction between UPS and its customers. Since the UPS Chatbot My Choice Integration in May 2017, UPS Chatbot has seen a significant increase in new and repeat users in addition to total conversations.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience, Strategic Impact
Juan Perez, Chief Information and Engineering Officer
David Abney, CEO
Atlanta, Ga.
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