2018 Winner Profile


Project Description:
Verizon is developing a flexible, scalable, plug-and-play, cross-channel platform utilizing natural language processing and applying sentiment analysis to predict customers' emotional status. These technologies enhance artificial intelligence (AI) decision-making through chatbots to personalize next best actions and next best offers for customers and enable quick moves to new channels. Since January 2017, Verizon has supplemented manual customer- and operations-facing functions with intelligently programmed machines and chatbots. These advanced technologies have revolutionized digital interactions with a new level of efficiency and responsiveness in smart, friendly and conversational ways, improving customer service wherever customers are. Through natural language processing, machine learning and sentiment analysis, these next-gen technologies deliver rich, contextual and natural experiences in a preferred new channel. They also enable Verizon to stand out competitively by supporting trends toward more mobile shopping and the use of social media for customer engagement. Verizon is embracing these next-generation technologies to improve the customer experience across sales and service channels, increase self-service and drive digital adoption.
Business Goal:
Shankar Arumugavelu, Senior Vice President and Global CIO
Lowell McAdam, Chairman & CEO, Verizon Communications, Inc.
Basking Ridge, N.J.
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