2018 Winner Profile

Visteon Corporation

Project Description:
Visteon's transformation to become a technology company is enabled by a strategic program that improves the resiliency of its infrastructure with new artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can detect and self-heal problems. The devices of the engineering software developers and end users will have self-healing capabilities to correct the most common issues, which means users don't have to raise support tickets for those issues. The system will anticipate and fix problems and thereby improve user productivity. The eventual goal for the Visteon IT team is to build an agile, secure and scalable foundation to enable product innovations in the autonomous driving space. The new IT services platform includes leading-edge tools that leverage AI and predictive analytics to prevent issues from happening and resolve them efficiently when they do. AI is helping Visteon create a dynamic conduit between users and its systems. These systems acquire data, use models, analyze data streams, create solutions, test them and push them out into production to the appropriate agents in real time. The company's goal is to deliver a flawless, targeted and personalized work environment and adjust it without human intervention.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Raman Mehta, CIO and Vice President
Sachin Lawande, CEO
Van Buren Township, Mich.
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