2018 Winner Profile

West Coast University

Project Description:
One of the biggest challenges for students learning anatomy is understanding the body in three dimensions and how all the different systems fit together. Using holograms solves those challenges by enabling students and professors to easily separate and focus in on individual systems. By leveraging AnatomyX and Microsoft HoloLens, West Coast University (WCU) is creating an immersive mixed reality learning platform that both compliments and advances traditional anatomy curricula through the power of augmented reality (AR). This platform allows multiple students and professors to simultaneously explore 3D human anatomy in ways never before possible by leveraging recent breakthroughs in immersive computing. WCU is the first nursing school in the world to use the MS HoloLens platform for augmented reality teaching. And the successful pilot implementation of the AnatomyX platform will mark the first known enterprise use of AR on the nursing school level. This innovation will enable future generations of nursing leaders to learn core principles in a much more efficient, engaging and long-lasting manner.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Segar Annamalai, Senior Vice President and CIO
Irvine, Calif.
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