2018 Winner Profile

Wheels, Inc.

Project Description:
Wheels built and launched a mobile app for iOS and Android that enables client fleets to save hundreds of thousands of hours in driver productivity that's typically lost due to poor record keeping, misplaced documentation and complex multi-step tasks. The Wheels Mobile Assistant gives drivers access to vehicle support features and streamlines record-keeping and other tasks. The app uses machine learning algorithms to alert drivers to tasks that need their attention or data that needs verification. Augmented reality recording of vehicle data with optical character recognition (OCR) number conversion, and GPS trip logging and categorization help drivers automatically keep IRS-compliant trip logs. The Wheels Mobile Assistant app was designed through extensive field research with drivers that uncovered the barriers that prevented them for accomplishing their responsibilities. Several innovative features invented by a few creative drivers were incorporated into the app so that over 30,000 users could benefit from them. On average, drivers using the app save approximately 45 to 60 minutes monthly complying with required record keeping and taking timely actions, compared to the previous tools they were using.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience, Operational Impact
Tim O'Hara, CIO
Des Plaines, Ill.
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